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Tiësto vs. Diplo ft. Busta Rhymes – C’mon (Catch ‘Em By Surprise)

Catch ‘Em By Surprise
Catch ‘Em By Surprise
Catch ‘Em By Surprise

[Busta Rhymes]
Let’s go
Bounce to the beat, people hands up
Everybody in the place stand up
And jump it, shake it, rush the club
Til the whole entire building is rammed up
And there’s nothing you can do to hold ‘em off
And all the beautiful women be showing off
We’re ’bout to cause a riot in this bitch
Till we hear the fire alarms going off

We got ‘em watching
Do we really got them all in a trance?
We got ‘em watching
Do we really got them all in a trance?

We got ‘em hypnotized
We got ‘em hypnotized
We got ‘em hypnotized
We got ‘em hypnotized

Everytime time I come in
And I step up in the building
And we lit the fires
So I hope you know we got our run on
Cause you gotta know that when we get this
whenever we’re in the spot
Ain’t gotta question if you gotta (C’mon)

And hurt ‘em up (Give it to ‘em)
wet them up (Let me do them)
Spark another match and let it flame
Get your dumb on!
Everybody get ready know
Everytime I do what I do
Bust’ Ryhmes
Make the people wanna (C’mon)
Let’s go cause you know we go’n fly (Go’n fly)
Get …
Everybody get, get
Now I wanna see all a my people form a line
If ya with me wanna see ya just (C’mon)

With Diplo and Tiesto
We about to create a fiasco
Now get your club on
And if my people really wit’ me then (C’mon)

We got ‘em hypnotized [x8]

Let’s catch ‘em by surprise [x8]

We got ‘em hypnotized [x8]

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